My Final MMP Project

Hi everyone:

Here is the link to the final version of my website.

The feedback I have received has been very positive and those of you who saw my first version and even my second version will notice a lot of changes.

But I think the changes work very well and based on the feedback I think others would agree.

Creating this was a little tricky in some ways. Because it’s not an officially approved site, I couldn’t use student work or images. To substitute, I wrote all the content and posted some previously published work of my own.

I also made a last minute change to the site. There was originally a page with events and dates, but several students remarked during class that what they really needed was help finding internships. Consequently, I turned the events/dates page into an internship information page.

In any case, I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you what you think.

Thanks for all of the support.


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