My Multimedia Project Proposal

My goal: My multimedia project will assist students in the communications department at Bloomfield College, especially those studying journalism, by providing a central website that can a)  assist them with their work for their various journalism courses by including elements such as an online AP and writing Stylebook and Twitter feed to relevant sources needed for course work, b)  provide a central location to show off student work, and c) provide a centralized forum for student discussion, debate and news.

Rationale & Summary of my Multimedia Project:

There is no doubt that technology plays a vital role in teaching and learning in the 21st century. Knowing about and implementing digital technology into the college classroom is essential for any educator today. However, as a college adjunct, I am able to see that there is a deep disconnect between what society acknowledges as necessary tools and knowledge for educational success and my students’ access to these tools. While some of the root cause of this disconnect is economic – many of my students come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, even students with the financial means to purchase digital tools and technology often have limited awareness of how to fully integrate these devices and programs into their scholarly work and professional aspirations. That disconnect is reflected in the incomplete connection digitally speaking that currently exists in my department.


The Audience:

My audience for this project is communications/journalism students at Bloomfield College as well as other educators in the department who will also be able to use this project for their classes. While it should be recognized that many students are technologically aware, a great deal have limited knowledge of the full extent by which digital tools can be utilized. And there is also an absence of any sort of centralized location for students to use for their studies as well as to display good examples of work.

My Instructional Plan and Learning Objectives:

  1. This project will enable students to be able to take what they create – audio, still and moving media – and post their work for other students and the college community to see.
  2. This project will also enable other teachers in the department to not only create content for their students but to improve communications and information for their students.
  3. This project will also enable students to be able to potentially develop and house an online portfolio of work.


Technological Tools and Rationale:

I anticipate using the following digital tools to fully enable students’ ability to create, research and share: Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Survey Monkey, Screencasts, Wavepad, Audacity, Fotoflexer, Pixlr. These tools are readily available to all students, easy to understand and use, and provide the potential to give students a more complete digital experience.


Learning Theories/Principles:

I believe this project perfectly aligns with the ADDIE Model.

Step 1 – I have already done the analysis through my work in the classroom.

Step 2 – I am currently designing the program.

Step 3 – I will consult with the college’s IT and computer tech in the classroom experts as well as students and fellow colleagues.

Step 4 – I am planning to implement this project by the end of this semester.

Step 5 – I will employ a variety of methods to evaluate the effectiveness of this project.



I am hoping to launch a prototype of this project by the end of November, which would give students and fellow teachers time to work with and evaluate the site before the end of the Fall 2014 semester.


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