Mini Art School #3

I am not an artist, nor do I wish to be one so I can’t say, in all honesty, that this week’s assignments were fun or enjoyable.

Frankly, I think my muddling efforts are pretty ghastly. But I gave this week’s assignments the old college try.

I already had plenty of respect for the many graphic designers I have been blessed to work with over the years and have come away from this week’s homework with an even greater amount of respect and admiration.

First, my attempts with the Color Echo Exercise. I used Fotoflexer for this one and found it to be easier to use than Pixlr which I used for the Border Variations Exercise. Ironically, I think I also did a better job with the borders here than in the actual Border Variations Exercise which is further down:

rutgers - roses 1

rutgers - roses 2rutgers - roses 3

Next, here are my attempts at the Logo Variations Exercise, again using Fotoflexer:

rutgers - dots1rutgers - dots2rutgers - dots4rutgers - dots5


Last, but not least, here are my wretched attempts at the Border Variation Exercise, for which I used Pixlr. This was actually the first exercise I attempted so these are very rough. I am happy that I discovered an app that allows me to change .doc files to .jpg files so I can post them easily here on the blog. But I wish I had used Fotoflexer to start with because my later experiences were much easier than this fledgling effort. As I said before I”m not an artist. I did try to go a little bit out of the box with the lips border but yes, I will be quite happy to stick to my day job!




2 thoughts on “Mini Art School #3

  1. I definitely agree with you that I have a whole new respect for graphic designers and anyone who works with photo editing and media design. These mini art school projects are very enlightening but tough with little photo editing background. I think you did a great job with this week’s assignment! Your color echoing pictures look great. You did a good job using the red and green to accent and add to the pictures. You can also really see the difference a border makes with a picture. The borders you picked are so different that it almost seems like they are each very different pictures. I’m glad you’re learning! It is a great tool to have even if you don’t have to do it for work.


  2. I agree with you and Amelia also. Graphic design is tough. It’s so easy to say something doesn’t look good. But, now, to actually go through a small bit of the stress of first coming up with an idea and then actually implementing it is rough indeed. You did a really nice job here, Karyn. I really like your framing. Every one of your photos seems to be perfect with each of the borders and how they are placed. Good job.


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